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From time to time, Abcor gets covered by journalists, bloggers, etc.  Here, you will find these glowing posts from third parties.

Elena Rom, Abcor Home Health CEO










First up is an interview given by Abcor’s CEO Elena Rom regarding the rigorous job of a nurse administrator.  One highlight which shows how hard the team at Abcor works is below, but the full article can be found here.

GradSchools: How did you go from being a registered nurse to becoming a nurse administrator? What were some of the challenges of this transition?

Elena Rom: I think this might have been the hardest part of the whole process, because you have to work to get experience while also learning on the side to really enhance your career. Personally, I was working 2 jobs at the same time to make everything work. At the same time, I had to keep up with changes in program requirements, learn to read administrative codes, rules, and regulations, and figure out how we could stay compliant with numerous state and federal requirements. This was definitely not easy! Still, one of the hardest parts of being an executive is HR; hiring staff and managing issues as they arise must be handled with great sensitivity, and this takes a huge learning curve.



Next is a new article on job site  Because of the high demand for home care as the Baby Bommer generation ages, Abcor is constantly on the lookout for awesome new caregivers and nurses.  As such, Abcor’s CEO, Elena Rom was interviewed for a recent article about what keywords must be present on a nursing resume.  Below are the relevant quotes, but hop on over to the full story for some more excellent tips in your nursing job search.

“Clinical experience shows that the candidate in question can practically be trusted to be a valued employee, hopefully for the long term,” says Elena Rom, R.N. and CEO of Abcor Home Health in Chicago.

“Education lets HR managers know that the candidate has at least a theoretical understanding of their responsibilities as a nurse,” Rom says.

More to Come…

These articles are just the beginning.  Make sure to keep checking this space for the future articles that are currently in progress!