About Us


The mission of Abcor Home Health, Inc. is to provide dedicated exceptional, cost effective, family focused home care services to the qualified clients.  Our goal is to meet the client’s home needs in the nurturing environment of their home, and minimize the impact of the client’s condition on the family while respecting the role of the family in the care of the client. The agency’s goal is to help disabled individuals and the elderly to remain in the community. Abcor Home Health, Inc. provides in-home services designed to prevent premature and unnecessary institutionalization of individuals determined eligible to receive such services. Abcor Home Health, Inc. is determined to provide homemaker services non-medical in nature by supervised homecare aids/homemakers. The mission of the Abcor Home Health, Inc. is to benefit and enhance the lives of the elderly and disabled, and their families, by providing non-medical care and assistance in their homes.  Every member of our team is committed to building lasting relationships based on honesty and trust with every client we serve. Abcor Home Health, Inc. compellingly believes that keeping people in the familiar surroundings of their home and community truly enhances their overall quality of life.


The provision of in-home services is guided by the philosophy of the Agency.  Abcor Home Health, Inc. philosophy is to maintain quality in-home service program consistent with the agency’s Mission Statement and the Client’s Bills of Rights.  The maintenance and realization of the full potential of human life is a supreme value to our agency.  Humans possess a unique hierarchy of needs, as defined by Maslow: physiological needs, safety needs, belonging and love needs, self-esteem needs and self-actualization.   Humans search for meaning in personal life experiences.  They make choices and decisions based on their individual beliefs and values.  They additionally exert personal control over their lives in making such choices and decisions.  The philosophy of the agency is based on the above assumptions, and stipulates that each home care client desires home care services that promote the client’s value of life by minimizing negative client illness and disability outcomes; and maximizing potential client level-of-independence outcomes, restoring, maintaining, and promoting client well being.  Abcor Home Health, Inc. ensures that all clients are provided with quality, comprehensive home care services according to Plan of Care. 


  • Agency goal is to prevent premature and unnecessary institutionalization of individuals determined eligible to receive in-home services.
  • Abcor Home Health, Inc. provides effective channels of communication with the client, department and other organizations and providers within the home care community. 
  • Our agency is determined to increase the awareness of home care related issues to members of the community.