Non Medical Home Care

Non Medical Home Care

Abcor Home Health, Inc. in Chicago is licensed in the State of Illinois as a Home Service Agency which provides non-medical Caregiver / Homemaker (Come & Go), Live-In and Certified Nursing Aid (CNA) services that are intended to assist elderly care client with activities of daily living. These include, but are not be limited to: activities of daily living support, personal care, medication reminding, housekeeping services, personal laundry, cooking, shopping, assistance in getting to and from appointments, maintenance of household records, and companionship.

Abcor Home Health, Inc. is licensed in the State of Illinois as a Home Placement Agency which provides home services placement. Additionally it is in the business of securing or attempting to secure work for hire for persons seeking work or workers for employers.


At Abcor Home Health, Inc. anyone who is interested in receiving elderly care and/or homecare services can voluntarily enroll in the homecare services program. Homecare services help clients protect independence and maintain freedom of choice whether the client has a short term or long term health prognosis. It is beneficial for elderly people who want to stay independent of government aid, assisted living facilities, and the help of family members.


Abcor Home Health, Inc. provides an array of Caregiver / Homemaker and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) services.

Home Care Services provided but are not limited to:
Bathing Visit
Help with Morning Wake-Up
Help with Evening Tuck-In
Memory Care (for individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer’s)
Meal Preparation
Monitoring of Diet and Feeding
Medication Reminder
Maintaining Continence (Toileting)
Assistance with Ambulation
Stimulation of Mental Awareness
Light Housekeeping
Assistance with Grocery List Preparation
Escorting to Shopping and Errands
Escorting to Religious Services
Reminding and Escorting to Appointments
Picking up Medications
Droping Off / Picking up Dry Cleaning
Changing Linens
Laundry and Ironing
Taking out Garbage

Caregiver/Homemaker/Personal Care:

(sometimes called custodial care) helps one with activities of daily living (ADLs.) These activities include bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, continence and transferring. Personal care is less involved than skilled care, and may be given in a home care setting. Abcor Home Health, Inc. provides homemaker services for personal care, household duties and activities of daily living. The personal care provided by agency is only done by trained and professionally supervised home services workers.

Live-in Caregivers: In-home care services worker are at the client’s residence twenty four (24) hours a day providing homecare. The reimbursement for live-in caregivers is based on the daily rate for senior care.

Come & Go Caregivers: In-home care services worker provide services hourly. The reimbursement for come and go caregivers is based on the hourly rate for elderly care.

Respite Care-if client’s primary caregiver needs to take a temporary break, Abcor Home Health, Inc. can provide an adequate relief for your permanent caregiver by placing a temporary substitute caregiver to provide the home care required according to the Plan of Care.

Hospice Care- senior home care services provided to relieve client’s physical and emotional discomforts in the client’s home if the client becomes terminally ill. A terminally ill person has a life expectancy of six months or less.