Quality Control

The agency implements Quality Improvement activities through a coordinated plan. The QA/QI Program is an on-going, systematic and objective process of the agency and senior care services. The activity of the program is based on the rights of the client, State of Illinois and Federal regulatory standards and policies of the agency.

Homecare Supervisor quality control includes but is limited to:

  • Conducting assessments of client’s functional and cognitive capabilities and personal needs for home care services
  • Performing close monitoring of client’s homecare needs by conducting in-home supervisory visits, weekly supervision of field staff, client care coordination on a weekly basis, and home safety evaluation
  • Working with a client to identify the specific home care services which home care client requires.
  • Developing and suggest an initial and subsequent Plans of Care to assist client in meeting clients home care needs
  • Providing the initial and ongoing certifications of need of home care by in-home supervisory visits
  • Monitor clients home needs on an ongoing basis with client and field staff weekly conferences

The agency is intense commitment to quality service and training has allowed participation in many Federal and State funded home care programs. 
Abcor Home Health, Inc. quarterly evaluates the activities of its total operation, both business and home services. The evaluation includes all programs and service on an on-going basis through the normal operation of the:

  • Home services Records/Utilization Review Committee
  • Staff Meetings
  • Governing Board Meetings
  • Quality Assessment Program
  • Professional Advisory Committee

The evaluation committee uses whatever evaluation instruments and criteria may be available to evaluate the performance of the agency in meeting their goals and objectives.
The Committee also evaluates the following:

  • QA Program
  • Infection Control
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Client Complaints
  • Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Accidents and Incident