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Medical Home Health Services – Patient Centered Care Brochure

Abcor Home Health is a Licensed Home Health and Community Support agency providing multi-disciplinary, short and long term home health care. Our services can be performed on an intermittent and/or part-time basis to patients of all ages, including children and elderly patients. Abcor Home Health’s assistance services provide health aides in the client’s home. The medical home care provided includes nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and social work therapy from licensed professionals. All services are provided by the Abcor Home Health staff under a plan of treatment established by the client’s physician/s.

In order to start home health care services with Abcor, the patient must be under the care of a licensed physician who provides precise instructions for necessary services. The patient’s diagnosis must confine him or her to the home and it must be clear that leaving home would be too challenging to the patient’s health. The requested therapy must be able to be adequately performed in the home environment. A safe environment for the successful performance of necessary treatments must exist for the patient and the home health aide. The residence must also contain a functioning telephone.

Trained & Licensed Professionals:


Registered Nurses & Licensed Practical Nurses

Our nurses (both RNs and LPNs) provide nursing services, perform skilled procedures, and manage medication in the patient’s home in accordance with the plan of care established by the patient’s physician.


Home Health Aides & Certified Nursing Assistants

These professionals are highly qualified to provide help with personal hygiene, simple healthcare tasks, activities of daily living (ADLs), instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), and medication reminders according to the plan of care established by the physician and supervised by a registered nurse if necessary.


Physical Therapists

Our physical therapists’ duties include but are not limited to: (a) performing specialized tests and measurements, (b) administering specialized treatment procedures, (c) interpretation of referrals from physicians, (d) establishment and modification of physical therapy treatment programs, (e) administering topical medication used in generally accepted physical therapy procedures when such medication is prescribed by the patient’s physician, and (f) supervision of physical therapy assistance.


Occupational Therapists

Our occupational therapists design and administer therapy plans of care based upon physician’s orders to increase the patients’ levels of functioning in everyday life. Therapists use exercises and activities to improve or maintain strength, range of motion, and fine-motor coordination. They can also instruct patients in adapted techniques and use of adaptive equipment for meal preparation, home management, dressing, feeding, and other self-care skills. OT can be used to train patients in the use of prosthetic devices for the arms and hands to resume previous daily routines. The OT can and should participate in home assessments. Occupational therapy provides preventative therapy to maintain functional skills and instructs patients in energy conservation, joint protection, and safety techniques for sensory loss and visual field deficits. The OT can also instruct patients’ families and friends in personal care for the patients, especially proper transfer techniques to avoid back strain.