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Quality Control

At Abcor, we maintain a high standard of quality control to ensure the best quality care for our clients. The QA/QI Program is an ongoing, systematic, and totally objective process undertaken by the agency on a regular basis. The program uses as a guide the rights of the client according to the State of Illinois and Federal regulatory standards and additional policies of the agency.

Our home care quality control performs the following checks among others:

  • conducting assessments of the client’s functional and cognitive capabilities and personal needs for home care services
  • closely monitoring the performance of the necessary services via in-home supervisory visits, client care coordination on a weekly basis, and home safety evaluations

The agency’s intense commitment to quality service and training has allowed participation in many Federal and State funded home care programs.

Quarterly Quality Assurance Evaluation

In addition to the more regular checks mentioned above, Abcor Home Health evaluates the activities of its entire operation each quarter, including the business side. These evaluations are conducted through:

  • Care Records & Utilization Reviews
  • Staff Meetings with Branch Managers & Care Supervisors
  • Quarterly Quality Assurance Reviews
  • Professional Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Governing Board Meetings

The Evaluation Committee uses a broad range of criteria to evaluate the performance of the agency in meeting their goals and objectives. The Committee also evaluates the following:
  • Abcor’s QA Program
  • Infection Control
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Client Complaints
  • Our Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Accidents and Prevention
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